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I'm Annalisa

Creation is at the heart of my existence who I am and my photography. I paint, draw, write poetry, and transform words into new ideas and ways of seeing and existing in the world. When I was little I created houses and horse stables in thin dirt, melted down crayon wax and mold new forms, and arrange my dolls and stuffed animals for pictures. My soul is most content when creating. I seek beauty in the mundane, unseen, and forgotten that the ordinary presents to us everyday. And I celebrate the extraordinary, sacred, and unique woven throughout our daily musings.


Photography fulfills my creative drive and desire to capture the beauty of and in the moment. Whether it is a special once in a lifetime day, your holiday photos, the birth of your child, or the celebration of a wedding anniversary, I always strive to capture the authentic with superb artistic composition and focus. As a lifestyle photographer, I capture my client's most natural expressions: the look in one’s eyes, a range of smiles, the intertwining of hands, the refuge felt from a hug, the delight in a child being lifted high, or the play between siblings. I believe a photograph can be a lifelong treasure, and the photo album I deliver is of that exact moment in your life, that once past can't be recaptured. Yet, with a photograph, one click of the shutter, that moment is preserved for a lifetime. And that photograph has the potential to capture one’s entire world at that precise moment: the laughter, emotions, scents, struggles, triumphs, and memories. I love sharing photography's artistic power with my clients and giving them photographs and an experience they will cherish for a lifetime. 

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